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I am looking for a full LED solution for my project, will you be able to meet this request?
Most definitely! We at Lightcube are very passionate about the game changing potential of LED lighting and have sourced for a range of LED products for various residential and commercial applications to supply. Having said that, it is also our obligation as lighting designers to ensure that you receive the optimal lighting solution, and if a product with conventional lamps will outperform the LEDs in a specific application, we won’t be shy to state this fact and give you the best alternative advice possible.

Are you able to provide me with LED products that can be used in close proximity to the ocean?
As a company dedicated to serving Western Australians, it is certainly our duty to prepare a line of products made for people to enjoy the sunset cove! We will be able to recommend a range of Marine Grade (316) Stainless Steel and powder-coated aluminium luminaires suitable for this application. Please contact us for more information.

LED technology is evolving and improving at such a rapid pace and every generation of downlights look different, will I be able to easily replace my LED downlights in the future if I am to purchase one of your downlights today?
The LED industry is one of the fastest growing ones in the world with new product innovations being introduced every year. While we can expect that the performance and efficiency of downlights to keep improving, certain physical dimensions such as the cut-out sizes are an industry standard and will remain constant for some time. Replacing downlights in the future will simply involve purchasing products with a similar beam angle and light output that will fit your existing ceiling cut-outs.

There have been so many complaints about LED lighting online, has the technology really matured or should I keep waiting?
It is a common misconception that LEDs will still take time to mature as a lighting technology. Many of its problems have actually been resolved by serious manufacturers and it is without a doubt a highly efficient technology that will produce light levels and colour vibrancy that is equivalent to or better than many conventional technologies. The main issue lies with the amount of old or poorly designed LED products floating around in the market, giving proper and state-of-the-art LED lighting a bad name. The key to avoiding a bad LED experience is to understand the product before making the purchase, and our consultants will strive to guide our clients through this process.

I would like to upgrade my existing lights to LED, what is the best way for me to do this?
Upgrading your home lighting system LED system can be a tricky process and the best way is to speak to us and let us give you some recommendations and options. There are a few factors to get right, such as the type of your existing transformers, or if you need the lights to be dimmable. If an electrician is needed to implement the change, we can also organise the installation to make this a hassle free experience for you.


I need some lighting advice for my home, will you be able to help me out?
Certainly! Lightcube is primarily a Lighting Design company and we specialise in helping our clients find the best lighting solution given the scope of the project. To get a better idea on how we can assist you, simply book an appointment with us and receive a complimentary consultation session with one of our consultants.

I am planning to build or renovate a home, when is the best time to start on my lighting design?
Lighting is often the most overlooked factor in many construction projects, while it is possible to leave this to the last, there will be more restrictions on what we can do and implementation will be a lot trickier. We recommend starting a dialogue with us before your pre-start programme to get an idea of what to expect, this will allow you to better communicate your electrical requirements to the builder and get the electrical plans right from the start.

What can I expect from a Lighting Consultation session?
Consultation sessions in general will encompass getting to know the scope of your project and a demonstration session designed to familiarize you with the ‘tools’ of our trade, i.e. the types and effects of applicable lighting for your project. If you bring along a floor plan, we will be able to go through it and provide lighting ideas and recommendations on the spot, though the best way is to send us the floor plan in advance and we can draft up some plans and applicable concepts to present to you when we meet. We will provide follow up after the meeting with a computer drafted lighting plan and a list of product recommendations for your consideration. We will always focus on delivering a design tailored for your requirements and budget and ensure that it falls within the energy requirements of the Australian Building Code.

Do you charge for your lighting design services?
Basic consultations and product recommendations are an entirely complimentary service from Lightcube. However a professional design hourly rate will be applicable for more complex design work that requires accurate brightness calculations, energy assessments and customized feature lighting. Please contact us for more information.

Do you provide on-site consultation services?
Yes, our lighting consultants can meet you on-site to provide lighting advice and recommendations depending on your location. This service is only offered to clients within the Perth Metro Area and our standard call out fee is $50.00. This amount will be deducted from the cost of products if a minimum order value of $500 is made.

Can you deliver the products to my address?
Lightcube offers a free delivery service within the Perth Metropolitan area for any orders above the value of $500 or if our tradesmen will be heading over to carry out the installation. For orders that do not meet these criteria, a delivery can be organised with a local courier and any incurred costs will be translated to the customer.

Will you be able to price up Installation costs and organize installations as well?
Certainly! Lightcube has formed long term partnerships with Australian Certified Electrical Contractors and we will be able to organize installation of our products for any residential or commercial jobs. Accurate installation quotes will be provided once the lighting plan has been finalized. Upon completion of the job, clients will be issued with Electrical Compliance Certificates for safekeeping.

I have already purchased my lighting products elsewhere, can I still contract you to carry out the installation?
Unfortunately Lightcube can only organize installation work for the client if we are to supply more than 90% of the items for the respective job. We are however happy to recommend our partnering electricians and you can contact them for direct assistance.


Can I return a purchased product for a refund?
Lightcube is unable to accept the return of any product that is defect free once a purchase has been made. Returned items must be unused and deemed eligible by the Australian Consumer Law and Lightcube reserves the right to provide a replacement of equivalent value or present the customer with a refund.

Do all your products come with a warranty?
Yes Lightcube provides a minimum 1 Year Back-to-Base warranty for all the products we supply. Most items are covered for more than a year and it is highly recommended that you contact us for more information on individual product warranties. A 6 Month Replacement Warranty is also provided to all items that are installed by Lightcube appointed Electrical Contractors.

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